Bring Your Own iPad



2021 Bring Your Own iPad Prep, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3

Dear Parents/ Caregivers,

We  would like to formally invite you to participate in the Bring Your Own iPad program for students in Prep, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 for the 2021 academic year. 

Our school takes the safety of your child very seriously, and this extends into their interaction with the digital world. To ensure student safety in this area, we have implemented a comprehensive process that we would like your family to be a part of:

1.       Please find the Pacific Paradise State School's Bring Your Own iPad Charter attached which includes details, expectations and requirements to participate in the program. This is a comprehensive document that outlines the Bring Your Own iPad Program in our school and is important for all participating families to read.

2.    We have developed two digital forms that provide you with the necessary information to provide your child with appropriate and timely access to digital resources. They are:

'Bring Your Own iPad 2021' Form (for all Prep, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 students).

  • This form requires you to indicate if your child is or is not going to participate in the Bring Your Own iPad program for 2021. We collect this information so that we can tailor your child's access utilising either their own device or school devices

  • This form provides you with the guidelines parents, students and staff must adhere to for students to use school owned ICT facilities whether they will be participating in the BYO iPad program in 2021 or not.
  • This online permission form is compatible and able to be filled in on a computer or a mobile phone.
  • This link or QR Code will take you directly to the ''Bring Your Own iPad 2021' Digital Form. 

'Third Party Website and Apps Permissions' Form (for all Prep, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 students).

  • This form provides families with a detailed list of all the websites and apps that teachers have indicated they would like to utilise in the classroom to enhance and innovate student learning.
  •  Each website and app listed within this form includes links to their specific developers website, terms of use and privacy policy, to ensure you have all the important information necessary to make a decision about which of these websites and apps you wish your child to have access to.
  • This form then provides you with an opportunity to give consent or not give consent for your child to access each of these.
  • This form is emailed individually to the Parents/Carers of each enrolled child from Deputy Principal Jo Beck ( This form is individualised to each student so access is only available by the email invitation.
  • This online permission form is compatible and able to be filled in on a computer or a mobile phone.

3.    As a precaution students accounts are locked until the school has received the two forms listed above completed by parents/caregivers. This ensures that the permissions given by parent/caregivers are thoroughly reviewed to ensure students are only given access to the websites and apps their parents/ caregivers have given permission for. Once these permission forms are reviewed students accounts can be unlocked and the students are eligible to receive their individualised ICT Licence.

4.    At Pacific Paradise State School we have introduced individualised ICT Licences for all students. These licences contain student specific information that are a quick reference for staff and students.

The ICT Licence contains:

    • Student specific list of the websites and apps that parents/caregivers have given permission for them to access
    • Current record of the BYO forms the child's family has submitted
    • Current media consent given by parents/caregivers for the student
    • Clear indication of whether the student has their own device to utilise or will be utilising a school device to engage with digital resources.

5.    Once steps 1-4 are completed your child then has access to digital learning resources to innovate and enhance their learning journey while at Pacific Paradise State School. The sooner this process is completed the sooner students can join us on this fantastic opportunity.

The Process



The School can then  

  • Unlock your child's school account
  • Issue you child with their individualised ICT Licence

Your Child can then

  • Utilise their Bring Your Own Device and/or the school owned devices at school
  • Access the websites and apps you have given permission for them to access
  • Engage in curriculum that is enhanced and innovated with the utilisation of technology

Thank you for taking the time to engage with this process and for supporting your child's learning journey with digital technologies.




Last reviewed 27 May 2021
Last updated 27 May 2021