Behaviour management


Our whole school community has worked very hard on reviewing and developing our Responsible Behaviour Plan.  Our community has very firm beliefs that our school is a safe, supportive and disciplined environment that respects the following rights:

The rights of all students to learn

The rights of teachers to teach

The rights of all to be safe

All students are expected to develop the ability to manage their own behaviour.  We certainly do not accept any physical aggression, bullying, non-compliance, or insolence.  We have very clear expectations for all students and students and are fully aware of the consequences for misbehaviour.  

All students are aware of: “good choices, good consequences; bad choices, bad consequences”.

Every behavioural incident is recorded and this data is used to identify patterns such as when incidents are occurring and what misbehaviours are occurring.  This information is then used to assist us implement strategies to improve behaviour.Each student from Prep to Year 6 is on a behaviour support level which indicates the number of people who are required to work with them.  A student who is able to manage their own behaviour at all times (inside the classroom and in the playground) is on support level “0” as no one else is required to work with them to manage their behaviour.  Our staff work very closely with parents of students who are not making good choices and advise parents of any changes to a child’s Behaviour Support Level.A big congratulations to our students, our whole staff and particularly our mums and dads who work very closely in partnership with us to support their children to self-manage their behaviour.  Without this support we do not achieve the best outcomes and the child never learns to accept responsibility for their behaviour and can cause their parents a lot of hardship and grief on their journey through life.The school expects every Year 1 to 6 student to receive an “A” or a “B” for Effort in every area of their report card.  Our teachers are working closely with students who are at risk of not achieving this standard.  Unfortunately students who do not achieve this standard by not putting in their best effort, are disrupting the learning of others through their behavioural choices.The feedback we are receiving from a large number of community groups about the high standard of behaviour of students at our school has been extremely positive.  We always receive positive comments about our students when they are excursions or sporting events.  Our students overall are great ambassadors for our school.

Last reviewed 01 March 2021
Last updated 01 March 2021