​Staff Update

Although it is early in the year, we have a number of staff who are currently on leave.Mr Bruce Parkes is recovering well after a successful shoulder operation on Monday.  It is going to be incredibly hard for Bruce to stay at home and allow himself the full recovery time.Ms Jodi Taylor is unwell and will be on sick leave for the remainder of this term.  Ms Monique Paddison will be teaching Prep T whilst Ms Taylor is away.  A big thanks to Ms Stephania Trombetta who has been teaching Prep T during this week.  Steph is unable to take Prep T for the remainder of the term Mrs Sam Domine had a fall at netball and now has to take it easy until her injury heals.  Ms Danielle Stewart who was a teacher at our school previously is taking Prep D until Sam returns.  We all wish Sam a speedy recovery.

Messages to Children

A reminder that our teachers will not be called to the phone to take messages during class time.  Routine messages for students will be handled by administration staff.  If “After School” arrangements for your child have changed PLEASE call the school before 2:00 pm to allow time for the message to be delivered. Passing messages onto students is very disruptive for class teachers, so please make any arrangements about going home in the afternoon with your child before they come to school and limit requests to only extremely urgent changes when prior arrangement could not have been made. Due to the school's inability to confirm the authenticity of callers, the school will not pass on messages advising students to go to another location in the afternoon or to go home at times during the day.  Parents who need to communicate this information to their children should arrange for a friend to collect the student from school. Ian Miskin, Principal

Deputy Principal News

My name is Joanna Beck, (Ms Beck), and I will be filling in for Mr Parkes while he is away on leave.     A big thank-you to all the parents, students and staff that have made me feel so welcome at Pacific Paradise State School over the past few weeks. I am very excited and appreciative of the opportunity to work in a school with such a passion for teaching and learning. Over the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to meet a number of parents and students, and look forward to meeting everyone I have not yet met in the near future.  Pacific Paradise State School is an exciting and dynamic school and I look forward to working with everyone over the next semester to continue the great work that is already occurring, and support the school priorities for 2014.

Last reviewed 31 March 2020
Last updated 31 March 2020