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Student services and support programs

Student Services​

Pacific Paradise State School provides a flexible and comprehensive support services program across varying levels for students with learning needs. A whole school approach directs support to different levels of student need.

Three layers provide a continuum of support with increasingly focused and personalised teaching and intervention at each successive layer — including increasing levels of adjustments, monitoring of student learning and behaviour, and involvement of support staff.

Students requiring support are identified by the analysis and monitoring of data collection on behaviour and academic progress.  They are referred to the Support Services Committee which meets fortnightly.  This Committee includes the Principal, Deputy Principal, Guidance Officer, Head of Inclusion Support, Support Teacher - Literacy and Numeracy (StLan), and a representative from Child Youth Mental Health Services  (CYMHS).  This team makes decisions as to the individual learning needs of a student and the level of support required.


Inclusion Support Program


Students identified with a disability through Education Queensland’s verification process are supported within our Inclusion Support Program.


The students spend the majority of each day in the regular classrooms, accessing the Australian Curriculum, with the support of inclusion support teachers and aides. We also have an Inclusion Support Centre, where students may work individually or in small groups for targeted intervention. Students also have access to Education Queensland Advisory Visiting Teachers, Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists and other specialists as required.



At Pacific Paradise State School we believe that every child has the capacity to learn, that all children should have access to a quality education, and that the social-emotional development of the child is just as important as the academic.