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Pacific Paradise State School

Pacific Paradise State School, its students, staff and community acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which the school now sits, the Kabi Kabi (Gubbi Gubbi) people. We honour the elders past, present and future and look forward to continuing the positive and respectful relationship between the school and the traditional owners.

Our school is a ‘beautiful’ school, in every sense of the word. Its physical setting is glorious, the students are friendly and welcoming and the staff are focused on the well-being of every student, building upon their natural abilities to ensure opportunities for all.

Our school is situated in an ideal location – one that truly makes its name appropriate! Close to Twin Waters’ community and home to many golfing enthusiasts, it is also very near Marcoola with easy access to a stunning stretch of white sand and surf and neighbouring Mudjimba which includes ‘Old Woman’ island, just off the shoreline.

The traditional story that explains the creation of this part of the Sunshine Coast describes how two warriors, Ninderry and Coolum, loved the beautiful Maroochy. Ninderry defeated Coolum, his head rolling into the ocean. ‘Old Woman Island’ represents Coolum’s head, which rolled from the top of Mt Coolum. Maroochy was so saddened by what happened between the warriors that she fled to the mountains where she cried and cried and cried – her tears becoming the Maroochy River.

Our school is developing a curriculum framework to reflect the community identity: the coastal location, digital world, life-style, health and well-being and local histories. We are calling this curriculum framework ‘Our Tracks’:

  1. Story Tracks: histories, both oral and recorded and literature including traditional narratives 

  2. Tech Tracks: design technologies, communication and STEaM 

  3. My Tracks: family, community, citizenship, health and well-being 

  4. Coastal Tracks: geography, sustainability, weather, geology and life sciences

Like all schools, and families, we have a unique history and our story has been evolving for over 25 years. From the school’s beginning in 1992, the campus has grown and developed so that it now boasts a massive performing arts hall, a large and inviting library that includes a computer lab and teaching and learning centre, almost 2 hectares of play space and beautiful grounds and gardens surrounded on two sides by bushland that creates a buffer so that the school is sheltered from the busy-ness of the outside world.

Of course, Pacific Paradise State School is more than the sum of its physical attributes. Our school welcomes all students and their families, we value diversity and embrace the idea that we all share responsibility for each other, our learning and our community…that our success is based on how we work together.

Our staff focus on the skills and abilities of each student, building on their current knowledge and understanding and celebrate with the student and their classes, progress and demonstrations of learning.




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