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There is so much exciting curriculum news it’s hard to keep up. 

At Pacific Paradise we have established professional learning teams of teachers who choose to take on the additional responsibility of driving whole school best practice and improvement initiatives in particular learning and professional practice areas. 

These teams meet on a regular basis and engage with the most recent research to ensure that our teaching, learning, engagement and assessment practices are current and ensure the best possible outcomes for all students.

Through the initiatives of these teams this year we continue to achieve some fantastic outcomes.

  • A whole school targeted focus in writing and oral language in 2017, with a continued focus on literacy (guided reading and comprehension startegies) and numeracy (problem solving and open-ended questions). 
  • All teachers have previously attended a workshop presented by international literacy expert Sheena Cameron and ongoing professional development in Literacy and Numeracy strategies.
  • Teachers will continue to have the opportunity of best practice Mathematics teaching demonstrated in model lessons in their classrooms to support student engagement and increased understanding of mathematical concepts.
  • Prep teachers have commenced Early Start assessment in Literacy and Numeracy so that we can know exactly where all Prep students are ‘at’ with their literacy and numeracy skills.  This allows us to start early intervention and extension programs of support right from the beginning of students’ schooling.
  • Teachers have had the opportunity to assess all students’ numeracy, reading comprehension, writing and spelling levels and to reflect in teams on these results so we can plan ahead for the best possible intervention to meet the needs of all students.
  • In all classrooms we are fully implementing the Australian Curriculum Version 8 English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography in 2017. 
  • In the Art and Science of Teaching we are investigating and implementing best teaching practices in lessons to help students to Deepen their Knowledge and Understanding of new content. 


Your child’s teachers are working extremely hard to ensure that each and every child achieves to their potential.  We appreciate your ongoing support and welcome your questions, input and feedback.