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Rule of the Week

​This weeks’ rule of the week is “Audience Manners”. This is an important skill for children to recognise and develop as it allows them to positively participate in a wide range of important events, as well as getting the most out of contributions from visitors, teachers and their peers within the classroom. The following 3 elements will be the focus for stu-dents this week;
Respect – This involves giving the presenter our full attention and not speaking while they are speaking. This also includes showing interest in what the speaker has to say and at no time making inappropriate body or face gestures or comments towards the pre-senter or about what the presenter is discussing.
Good Audience Posture – This includes sitting up straight, (or standing up straight for the occasions such as the National Anthem), with bodies faced towards the presenter. Eye contact is maintained with the presenter and hands and feet are kept still and to our-selves to prevent distracting others around us
Appropriate applause – This is how we show our appreciation for the effort and time that the presenter has put into their presentation for us. This includes short sharp clap-ping at the end of the presentation while maintaining full attention towards the presenter. This does not include calling out or wolf whistles.